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Vibras Meditation is a program designed specifically to teach meditation to children. We have a unique methodology that is effective in creating a daily meditation routine for children ages 4-11. Vibras Meditation is currently being used in prominent schools in the Los Angeles area as well as some of the biggest non-profit organizations dedicated to children. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the meditation space and our mission: to create a new generation that is more loving, compassionate, and grateful by making meditation a core part of every child’s daily life.


We have several responsibilities we need to immediately delegate. Although expertise in any one of these areas is not required, please pick an area that you are well-suited to execute and will perform well on.


Roles available:

Campaign Manager: Management of email campaigns including writing copy, managing email lists, scheduling emails, and interacting with priority customers. This allows you to be creative and interface with our growing user base of loyal customers.

Partner Liaison: You will be responsible for building and maintaining high-end relationships with our partners as well as adding new partners that will give us exposure and add value to our mission. You will be the face of Vibras Meditation to other companies.

As part of Vibras Meditation you will be responsible for building a new generation that will create a better future for humanity based on love and compassion and a movement that will leave a permanent, outstanding mark on the world. There will be few things you do that will be more rewarding.


These are unpaid internships. All positions are remote. You can make your own hours except for meetings and class times.


Please send your submission to


Strength and love.

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